Our custom frame designers are skilled, knowledgeable, and ready to help you create a frame that you will be proud to display for years to come. Good design can make the difference between hanging a piece in your living room or your garage. Our designers stay up to date on current trends in interior design so that your framed piece will complement your own personal style and décor. 

We begin each consultation with a relatively simple question, “Do you have anything in mind?” We ask this to find out what kinds of colors or textures you may have in your home or office so that we can coordinate your new frame with anything else that you may already have existing. We then select matting options including color, cuts, width, and fillets (accent pieces that fit inside the matting). Once the mat selection is complete we go on to the frames. With over 1500 frame samples on the wall in front of you we assist with your selection of frame depending again on your personal style and preference. With framing and matting selected you might think this process is over, however the glass you select is just as important as the frame and the mat. We stock and sell TruVue glass which is the industry standard for conservation and care, and yet there are a few options from non-reflective to museum glass we explain the benefit of each option. Backings are then selected and your design experience is complete.  

As you can tell, great care is taken with all of the artwork our customers entrust us with. We want more than anything for you to be pleased with the results of your framing experience. Come in today and put our design team to the test.

Installation & Hanging

Many of our clients have recently taken advantage of our Installation and Hanging Services. This service can take away any anxiety you have about hanging pictures. Whether you are nervous about hanging a heavy piece of art or concerned about getting all of the frames level we can assist you by coming to your home or office and hanging them in a professional way that shows off your collection of art.  

Each project is unique and we take great care and pride in getting your pieces hung in just the right way. Call our office to set up an appointment today and we will come to you to discuss all of the options.

Custom Framing

We understand that your artwork reflects your personality and unique style. We are pleased to take the time necessary to make all the difference in the world for your artwork.

Custom Mirrors

Let us help design the perfect mirror to compliment your desired look. Whether for a bathroom, bedroom or a living room we have the right look for you.

3D Shadow Boxes

Preserve those memories for a lifetime. Frame a first communion dress or your baby’s first pair of shoes we will help you proudly display those special moments for a lifetime.

Sports Jerseys

Have a favorite team? How about a favorite player? Maybe you are lucky enough to have that jersey autographed. We will help you design a frame you will be proud to show off to your friends. Show your team colors off with pride and protect that jersey for years to come.

Works on Paper

With conservation in mind at all times our designers are prepared to assist you with selecting just the right elements to let your art shine. Create a display that is as unique as the art itself.

Posters and Prints

With such a variety of sizes and printing techniques it may be hard to know where to start. Our design team will guide you through the various mounting techniques and frames that will reflect your style and décor.

Photo Collages

Since you saved every school picture from Kindergarten through Twelfth grade get them out of the drawer and into a frame so you can recall all of the wonderful memories from each year. We can design a mat and frame package to include as few or as many photos as your heart desires.


Heirlooms can be anything from an old pair of reading glasses to a first stock certificate to the envelope from a love letter. Bring your treasures to us and see how we can help you display them and tell your story.

Medals and Awards

Military service of a family member or even yourself should be celebrated. We can arrange the medals in a way that will make you proud to display the accomplishments of your service.


Based on current tuition rates and fees at NMSU and knowing the size of the diploma, we have figured out that the value of that diploma is $190.oo per square inch. Make sure you protect that investment by framing and proudly displaying it for everyone to see.

Original Art

Everything from watercolors to oils and pastel, original art should be treated appropriately for each medium. Our designers are trained to match the right components and frame it so your artwork is a sense of pride for years to come.

Canvas Stretching

In your travels you may find a painting or photograph you wish to bring home. Unfortunately many times the picture will need to be taken off of its’ stretcher bars. Bring that canvas into us and we will transform it back into the picture you fell in love with when you bought it.

Cross-Stitch, Needle Art and Embroidery

Fabric arts are a special thing and we know how hard you worked to complete it. Nothing shows off your art quite like the beauty of a custom frame. We have framers who have all of the knowledge to finish your work so that it shows off your hard work and dedication.

Children's Art

Your kids and grandkids will love that you framed their one-of-a-kind original creation. Inspire them for future by hanging up their art in a beautiful frame. They will love you for it and you will cherish the memory forever.

Dry Mounting

Do you have a presentation to make soon or maybe just a poster you want to hang for a short period of time? Dry Mounting can do the trick by placing your poster or art on a board that will really show it off and not roll up or ripple and wave. This will keep your piece nice and flat for years to come.

Mat and Glass Replacement

We all need to freshen up from time to time and your artwork is no different. You can enjoy an older piece of art again by simply changing up the mats and glass. Think of it as rehab for your artwork. You will be amazed at how a piece you once loved can find new life again. What can we shine up for you?
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